ENTİL, is one of the establishments of ZEYTINOGLU HOLDING since 1964. ENTİL utilizing advanced technology and modern management techniques offers high quality products to the main industries in the Turkish and the World Markets such as food industries, automotive, machinery, water systems, iron & steel with 18.000 m2 covered area production plant and with 285 skilled personnel. ENTİL has started manufacturing cylinders in 1974 with its double layer centrifugal casting. ENTİL has developed its own know-how and production technology based on its laboratory and field application experiences and is producing rolls for flour mills, feed, rubber, ink and various industries. The annual production capacity is 20.000 rolls. ENTİL is leadershipping the world market with its quality, capacity and its innovations. ENTİL, developing the techniques of crown grinding, sand blasting, fluting and durability since 1995 has given the Turkish Milling Machine Industry the opportunity to come in the forefront in the machine industry and the World Market. ENTİL is working on new investments and modernizations. As a result of these investments, ENTİL with its new technique and prossesses will present innovations to the milling machine industry with its quality. According to the expectations of the milling machine industry, after the investments for the new technology, hardware and qualified personnel, ENTİL is developing its annual cylinder manufacturing capacity to 24.000 rolls. ENTİL is planning with its quality and innovations, to be a step ahead in future as it is today.

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